Saturday, 24 January 2015

ETC. 2

We were asked as a little side project to design a menu for NTU's building Waverley, and where our studio is also located. Was a nice thing to do to distract from dissertation anxiety! I teamed up with me pal Ciara, who did all the typography on the inside, and I did the illustrations on the cover. I think it looks cuuuuuuuute.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Ey up.

I'm actually enjoying uni this year, so i apologise for the absence of posts. My design process has taken a turn, i've started using sketchbooks differently than i have before so it makes photographing and explaining the thinking behind them a bit difficult, and I've not finally "RESOLVED" anything yet…but watch this space. I'm currently doing a project on the Kardashians, so yeah. LOVIN LYF 2K14!!!

I have been doing things outside of uni too, so enjoy my non-academic ventures...

Our Degree Show Fundraising Collective is called "And" and this is represented by an ampersand - they asked each of us to design our own, and to bear in mind this would represent US. ME. WELP. I chose an illustrative leafy pattern…cuz…i like…leaf patterns. I'm so pleased with how this turned out - its nice just to do something different from uni work, but for it to have a purpose.

My friends Hannah and Mel put on a chuffin art show called "PLAY" at The Bohunk a few weeks back. Was blurry incredible. Anyway, I submitted a piece, on of my hand embroideries. It's based on nursery rhymes, and the childhood innocence of swearing - how you say a word but dont know what it means. It's also about growing up as a lady, and how that requires a lot of maintenance.

And finally, there's an exhibition coming up called "5x5" where you submit 5 pieces of work, and receive 5 in return. I participated earlier this year but what i produced was a load of poo. This time, I've created a series I've called "PENCIL 2 PAPER" where i basically did a page of doodling in my sketchbook, took elements and put them in the 5x5 format. Yeyeeeeeyyyyy.

Also I'm in the process of becoming PROFESSIONAL so follow my PROFESSIONAL twitter and help me be A PROFESSIONAL HUMAN BEING:

Monday, 13 October 2014



We started back at Uni 2 weeks ago, and to warm us up we had a short project - summarise your influences in half of an A1 poster. My influences are colour, materials and what surrounds me - so i made a colourful pattern, using pencil crayon made up of the cacti on my windowsill. Lovely bubbly!

Laura and I (mostly Laura) then went on to make a zine of all our posters to kick start our fundraising. Hurrah!

Here is the final pattern:

And the process behind it -

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pick Me Up 2014

We went to Pick Me Up again this year! What a marvy show. I noticed a lot of risography and 3D illustration going on, both of which would be so fun to explore but I just wouldn't know where to start! My camera is dead so I had to take photos on my rubbish phone, hence rubbish pictures, but I've manage to scavenge my favourite pieces.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

YCN - Bear Cereal

WHAT? Becky are you actually putting up a project and you're not going to delete it because you think you've done a good job?! Christ i need a lie down.

The brief for this project was to create a series of back of pack designs for Bears cereal. In the specification, they state they want to bring the alphabet to life, they want engaging and inspiring content and to build anticipation for future boxes. They wanted the design to be bold, gruff, simple and fun.

To do this I used hand rendered typography, bright colours and used pencil crayon as my media to add the gruff texture. I've also re-rendered the whole box to match the designs - I kept their layout but used pencil crayons, I changed the type to one i made myself to match my style and also re-drew the illustrations.

Each back of pack has a series of activities the kids can do after breakfast, teaching them different skills. The dreams box encourages creativity where the children are asked to draw out their own dreams or keep a dream journal. The seeds box encourages responsibility - it comes with a pack of seeds that the kids plant and water. They also feature interesting facts about the topic to be a bit educational too.

All of the boxes will showcase a "hero letter" and there will be a prompt to tell the kids that they can cut out the letter and spell their name, which also makes them want to buy more boxes.

The boxes all have a "showcase frame" where they can hang a drawing or a photograph thats specified on the box - this for example is a drawing of a dream, but they could photograph their plants and hang them. The back of pack can also be cut out in the frame and hung on walls as individual artwork in kids bedrooms or playrooms.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Time Travel 001

Here's a sneaky sneak at my revisit of that infernal time travel project that I should have really enjoyed but didn't but 
then i did. the end.

The Great Gatsby

Pride and Prejudice

Breakfast at Tiffanies

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Let get reflecting yo

If you're a regular reader of this here thing, you'll notice most of my posts from this academic year have been up for about a month before I go and delete them. I'm really not happy with the majority of work I've produced thus far because I'm still trying to figure out who I am as a designer. I'm trying to progress my style and what I want to produce but keep getting in my own way, and sticking to what I'm used to doing - I need to push myself to experiment and get out of my comfort zone.

 I need to formulate clear visions in my head of what I want to create, instead of just floundering about for weeks with a vague idea, then producing rubbish that I'm not proud of. I need to source my inspiration further than the internet (HERE'S LOOKING AT PINTEREST). I need to surround myself with inspiration and rekindle my love for design.

I'm currently doing a YCN brief, and really enjoying it. The projects I do revolving around illustration and typography are where I produce my favourite work, so maybe I should be focusing on that? I suppose I'm a bit scared to go into "ILLUSTRATION" because it's such a niche market, and I think you need to be incredible at it to make it work - but maybe thats just me getting in my own way again.

Self reflection is good. Queue motivational video:

Monday, 24 February 2014

Work Together

Over the weekend, me and my friend Hannah decided to do art and have a CRAFTernoon. We collaborated on a series of collages and popped them in a zine format. It was so fun to just work with materials and see what happened, not be bogged down with a concept and to let ideas flow between each other. Gr8 time.
i. confinement 

ii. you can leave 

iii. lost focus 

iv. perch

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Screenprinting 2.0

I am currently suffering from the plague (i.e the worst cold ever) but I pulled myself away from bed on Monday to attend a Screenprinting session. I had such a good day, it was worth getting up for and everyones prints turned out SOO good. 
10/10 for our lot. 
Anyway, we could either do a print based on our current project or a print on anything we liked. Over Christmas I read "The Snow Child" and it inspired me to create a winter cabin scene with foxes surrounding the cabin for a touch of colour. 

I wanted the colours to be muted, with bright orange for the foxes. I was pushing for neon orange (cuz we all know i love the neon) but our tutor warned it might look too harsh so I went instead for a yellow-orange, which still looks bright 
but not outrageous. 

Overall I'm quite chuffed with my prints - the cabin windows are slightly misaligned but apparently it looks like snow on the windows…I only did 6 so they are V LIMITED EDITION, just got to decide who to give them too.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Do a Green Thing

To start us off again after Christmas, we were set a one day project. I love things like this because they're quick and there's no time to get bored. I work better under pressure, and prefer shorter projects. They say longer projects give you more time to experiment, but I just get stuck in a rut and stay in my comfort zone - this year I'm BREAKING OUT and going to do more illustration and typography pieces.

Anyway, the brief was this competition brief set by Pentagram to create a poster promoting a "green issue" I chose "eat less meat" because I'm not a veggie, but I don't eat much meat so its an issue I can get behind.

My poster is aimed at kids to tell their parents "mum lets have an aubergine for tea instead of pork". Not saying all meat eaters are monsters, but monsters NEEEEEED to eat meat, humans don't.

Anyway here's my process sketch to painting - it took around 5 hours from start to finish.

Friday, 26 July 2013


I am God - Kanye West

We Be Burnin - Sean Paul

Rap Embroideries. Tryna up my street cred, yo.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


The poster will be A1 to be displayed in schools, uni and colleges to advertise the show. 
A3 versions of the poster will also be mailed out in a magical unfolding envelope!
And the catalogue will be given out at the actual event.

I'm really proud of these final pieces because I didn't use photoshop, and used Illustrator for the poster and Indesign for the brochure which are 2 programmes I've done my best to avoid until now. It took me SO LONG to do these, and all I could think was "grumble grumble if i'd done it in photoshop I'd be done by now grumble grumble." However I'm glad I didn't give in because I've ACHIEVED SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Friday, 17 May 2013

Advertising 2.2 - POSTER

Continuing on from before, I decided to create a poster and a brochure promoting "The Crisis Commission 2013" (which will just be the same as 2012 cuz yeah)

These are my initial poster designs, and from which ever one I chose I'll go on to create my brochure.